Brendan Body(non-registered)
I have worked with Knut for many years on projects including lifestyle, skateboarding and fly fishing features. Incredible photographer, great working ethic and an absolute gent to do business with!
Coffee Bru(non-registered)
I'm extremely grateful to Visioninja for putting my mobile coffee business on the map, I've always been out there with my mobile coffee biz but have only operated under the radar.
Your menu design came first:
I made the delicious drinks which you shot [very time sensitive work with roughly 2min per shot].
Retouch the images then create the design and layout.
When you look at the menu you cant help being pulled in!
I'm always proud to take it out at events.

You also revamped my logo and applied it to my gazebo and side walls. Instead of just being the part I now look the part...thanks for putting me on the map.

We have done loads of smaller jobs in the past and I always feel safe in the knowledge that you'll pull it off and put a smile on my face. Thanks for helping me build my brand. I'm excited for the next project.
Mike [your brother in coffee]
Fantastic work. Your passion for your work is extremely visible. You should publish a coffee table book. Love it.
ilse steyn(non-registered)
Great photography Knut - Keep up the awesome work
Jacques Grobler(non-registered)
Awesome site Knut!
Your site is fantastic-very user friendly, I love your photography and will definitely be in touch to work with you in the future.
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